I am an RYT (Registered Yoga Teacher) 500 (=I underwent 500 hours of study to prepare myself to teach yoga), a PYT (Professional Yoga Therapist) 500, a FYT (Functional Yoga Therapist) and a Certified Y12SR (Yoga and the 12 Steps of the Anonymous traditions) Leader living and sharing yoga in the Phoenix area.  Anyone who has known me for a while can attest to the fact that prior to finding yoga, I was often worried, easily distracted yet rigidly adherent to my schedule and appeared uncomfortable in my own skin.  Not the most common description for someone who is now a yoga teacher and therapist, but it was me nonetheless.  I have also been described as warm, calm, kind, dynamic, sensitive and attentive.  These  attributes took time to take root in me.  I have my yoga practice to thank for that.

I am incredibly dedicated to bringing the benefits of yoga to those in the world who, like me, have first-hand experience with any combination of the following:  unbelievably high stress levels, depression, anxiety, an eating disorder, addiction, abandonment in childhood and domestic violence.  It is my intention to do this in a way that is accessible, helpful, and meaningful.

If you feel or have ever felt like you have been tossed around by life, I can say “I KNOW how you feel. I KNOW how hard it is to get through a day when it seems as if the only thing you will ever experience is struggle.  I KNOW what it is like to live with fear so terrifying that you don’t know if you can stand to exist for another moment.  I KNOW the challenges of getting through thirty minutes without drinking.  I KNOW what it feels like to be thrown away.  I KNOW what it is like to try and motivate yourself to engage with life through the weight of depression.  BELIEVE ME — I hear you! But also, please TRUST ME — relating to life through the lenses of these experiences all of the time will only lead to exhaustion, depletion, and a life truly unlived. Right now, lets breathe, move through some yoga postures then finish with a deeply rejuvenating guided relaxation. And the result? A more calm, balanced, vibrant and productive life. I promise.”

I wholeheartedly believe that introducing more people to the deeply healing benefits of yoga has the power to completely transform our world. I believe the best way to get more people practicing yoga is to increase awareness of the far-reaching affects of the practice and recognize the value of quality yoga teachers and support them.

My life’s journey includes both anxiety and depression, addiction to alcohol and an eating disorder. Left unchecked they created a huge amount of imbalance in me. I was lost, living an empty life and I never gave myself permission to just be.  I always felt rushed, stressed and scattered.


I stumbled into yoga while taking my 13-year-old little sister to a “cool yet mindful, non-mainstream activity” when she was visiting me from California.  I realized right away that there was something transformational about breathing, moving and learning how to observe my mental and emotional habits in the space of the yoga studio.  Quite quickly, yoga had a great impact on my relationship with myself, my body and the way I functioned in the world. I started to understand that true health, joy and success would come only as a result of a life lived in balance. The way I related to myself took a full 180 turn and I saw that true joy couldn’t exist in a life lived with all of the internal turmoil I had going on.  Just as a muscle is strongest when it is able to contract fully and release completely, a person has the most capacity for productivity, engagement, and happiness when there is not only energy going out, but attention placed on developing their inner world.

With each class I teach and private session I share, I feel as if I am doing the work I was intended to on this earth. It’s an honor to support my students as they create the meaningful change that I know is possible with a regular yoga practice.  I get the honor of witnessing transformations for my clients in their mind, body, and life.

I offer all of my teachings from a deeply nurturing and warm place~and add in some lightheartedness and fun as well!

Through yoga, I learned how to slow down, to be with myself, to allow myself the time to breathe and be.  I learned how to listen to and to honor myself.  I also learned how to challenge myself appropriately and to move incrementally toward goals while enjoying the process—not taking myself too seriously.

Before I turned 26, I had already damaged my left hip and torn my patellar tendon on my right knee practicing Tae Kwon Do too intensely for my body.  I am consistently discovering how to communicate with my body and to gain its cooperation instead of ignoring and forcing it much of the time.  Through yoga, I have learned how to let things happen, how to find the joy of being alive and to cultivate a still point within that is the place I operate from.  And, I found a community of people who care about themselves and the world and want to continually evolve.

By finding my authentic expression and connection, I found myself not needing alcohol and food as comfort.  These tools so radically changed my relationship to all aspects of my life, that I had to share them.  I don’t want to keep this joy rumpus to myself!

If you feel as if you have been trying to piece some semblance of an authentic yet grounded existence together, if you feel like you have been trying to figure out how to steer your energy in creative and purposeful ways—I may just be your yoga teacher.  If you feel stifled and bound by an inner critic that just won’t back down—I may  just be your yoga teacher.  If your life is consumed by over-preparing for everything (a symptom of perfectionism)—I may just be your yoga teacher.  I have experienced all of these, and yoga helped me move through it all.

If you have found connecting with the moment and being in your body and staying there a challenge, we need to work together.  My yoga practice has helped me break those habits and I know it can help you do the same.

This practice has taught me what it means to be a dynamic human—to allow life to touch me, of allow myself to feel, to treat myself well and confidently share my gifts in service to others.

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