Heart Opening

Polishing The Rust Off

What a week.  An amazing one.  I feel so…just in awe of life, the magic that is unfolding everywhere!

My spiritual practice is deepening, tremendously.  Having my Spiritual Guide enter my life is bringing profound transformation, and I am in awe that we found our way into one another’s lives.  In the Sufi path, it is often said that, with our spiritual path we are polishing the rust off of our hearts so that our true, radiant nature can shine through.

I’ve been through some stuff in my life.  I’ve been doing some work for some time to open up and heal.

I didn’t know that darned heart of mine was that rusty.  I wasn’t clear on the work I needed to do to really wake up to life at the deepest of levels, in the most phenomenal of ways.  No one I have ever met or worked with in my healing journey was attuned enough to what was going on with me to know how to support me.

As I participated in the Dances of Universal Peace last eve and looked many beautiful souls right in the eye fearlessly as they looked me in the eyes, fearlessly, another layer of rust was removed,  another layer of awareness of my tendency to shield my heart from others, from all that life offers, was revealed.  After leaving the Dances, I felt so cleansed, so alive, so connected to everything and everyone around me.

I think that the nature of our cultures structure also contributes to rusty, closed hearts.  There are so many things to distract us from allowing our heart to unfold to it’s capacity.

In the dawn of this realization of mine, my AMAZING friend Connie Hozvicka (http://www.dirtyfootprints-studio.com) and I are co-leading a Heart Opening yoga and art journaling experience for women on Saturday,  July 19 from 5-8 pm.  This was planned before I started to realize what was truly going on in my heart, and as my this realization has came around, it has confirmed to me that this workshop is just what us women need to help us open up even more and live the most vibrant lives possible.

And…treats will follow. No heart opening is complete without sweet treats!

~We hope you join us, we do have room for a few more wonderful women to participate~

Register right here:  http://www.feedyoursoulyogatherapy.com/events-workshops/

Heart Opening

Join Me In July And Uncover Your Creative Side

We are all creative.

Yes, that is the truth.  And my dear, dear friend Connie Hozvicka of Dirty Footprints Studio is a gifted artist and guide who helps many women uncover the volumes of creativity that lies within them.

She and I both know from experience that a powerful way to access our creativity is through gentle movement and a gentle approach to art journaling.

On Saturday, July 19th from 5 to 8 PM, Connie and I will be leading a very nourishing, juicy workshop called HEART OPENING at Feed Your Soul Yoga Studio in Tempe, Arizona.

Together we are crafting a journey that will guide you through gentle yoga poses, sweet heart meditation, and a beautiful art journaling experience intended to open your heart and help lift the weight of the world so that you can shine like the radiant Soul that you are.

No experience with either yoga or art journaling is required. Simply come with an open mind, a willingness to open your heart, a yoga mat, and an art journal.

What Comes After The Fourth Of July?

The fifth.  Which means…

a two-hour restorative yoga and gong event open to everyone!  Preparing for and experiencing a holiday can be stressful, even if it is in a good way.

Take some time to unwind and let restorative yoga postures and a gong bath help to detoxify you from that stress and, possibly, any over-indulgences of the Fourth.

You are worth it.  Balance all of that going and running around with some you downtime~



Fourth of July Celebration!

I don’t know about you other folks in recovery, but holidays can be a bit turbulent.  They aren’t as internally turbulent as they used to be now that I never have one single craving for a drink, but a little tension and friction can arise.  The intensity isn’t always about cravings for me, sometimes it is about the impacts my addiction had on my life prior to my awareness that I needed to change, and I needed to change a lot if I were to have a healthy life with healthy people in it.

I am still transforming and I hope that continues for the rest of my days on this beautiful planet.

Yoga and my Sufi spiritual practices are what I thank for the deep internal shifts that unfold for me.  And the loving support of my friends, my Spiritual Guide, my animals as well as my students who teach me more than they know.

The Fourth may be a holiday, but addictive habits don’t go on holiday.  Neither does a yoga teacher and a gong player who are in service to others in recovery.  I will be teaching my regular Y12SR (Yoga and the 12-Steps of Recovery) class from 6-8 pm on Friday, and it will be a super-yummy restorative yoga class with a gong sound bath.  Followed up with healthy (yes, healthy) chocolate peppermint brownies.

The “meeting after the meeting” this Friday will be a hike to the top of Piestewa Peak to see the fireworks and finish off our celebration of our independence from our experience of addiction.  We should have the best view of all for the local fireworks celebrations.

My friend Mike of Mindful Hike Arizona will be leading the hike.  Here is the information from him about the hike:

NOTE: The next mindful hike in Phoenix will be a night hike on July 4th.
We will be hiking to the top of Piestewa Peak at 845pm to get a spot to
watch fireworks displays all over the valley. I did this hike last year
and it was really a lot of fun and necessitates that you go mindfully UP
and Down a darkened mountain. It will be hot and dark and we will be at
the summit for over an hour so please bring plenty of water and snacks…it
is not necessary, but a headlamp might also be helpful. If there are any
takers for this hike, please email me as soon as possible so we can get a
head count and coordinate carpooling/parking.

His email is:  mindfulhikeaz@gmail.com, so if you are going to join us for this AMAZING experience, please send a shout out to him so he can prepare.

Celebrate the new, vibrant life you have committed to and are creating in an incredibly healthy, nourishing, connected way.  You deserve it.  See you in a few days!

Love, Opal

Y12Sr new flyer Opal PNX

Wow. My Dream Has, and Is, Manifesting.

I went to yoga teacher training because yoga saved my life.  Yoga made my recovery possible, and still does.  Every single day.

I dreamed of having yoga for recovery classes in different areas of the Valley.

Now I do.  Thanks to the support and guidance of many wonderful mentors and Divine Guidance.

Sunday, I will teach the first Freedom From Addiction class at my studio in Tempe (you can find out more here: http://www.feedyoursoulyogatherapy.com/class-descriptions/).

Then, I drive to Acacia Internal Medicine (20040 N 19th Ave, Phoenix) to teach a Y12SR class, the very first in the North Valley and one of only of three Y12SR classes available in all of Arizona!  How cool is that?

Y12SR stands for Yoga and the 12 Steps of Recovery and truly helps to make many of the concepts in the 12 Step traditions more of an experience for you, more of a tool than just an idea.  You will be amazed at the transformation, not to mention detoxification, strength and flexibility that will be created on your mat.  Y12SR is not affiliated with the 12 Step Programs nor is it a substitute for working a 12 Step program.

Explore more about Y12SR here:  http://www.y12sr.com.

What an honor to be of service to those courageous souls walking the path of sobriety every day, just like me.

Hope to see you lovely people somewhere soon!

All Love,




Starting New Fourth Of July Traditions

The Legacy of A Not-So-Typical Dad

My Dad was not your typical Dad.  He had the most contagious, unbridled laugh, so contagious that it apparently spreads through his spirit, because as I am writing this I am laughing hysterically. I can just hear (and see) him burst into his open-mouthed, toothless hubbub.

He lost all of his teeth in his 30′s, compliments of anti-seizure medications and dentures just never worked because those same meds diminished his gums so fiercely that they would not support false teeth.  He began taking those medications in his teens after an accident left him with a head injury, a head injury that took a bit of his intellectual ability from him.  His capacity to read and write, to communicate clearly with his words, his attention span, his patience, his ability to learn and to reason are a few of the casualties of his accident.

Of course, this greatly affected his ability to parent me.  His ability to connect emotionally and adequately express his feelings of connection to me were limited.  I know he loved me, which he shared with me, both verbally and non-verbally.  Yet he was unable to take me under his wing and give me the tools and guidance necessary to prepare me for surviving and thriving in this world.

As I was driving home from the grocery store today, I thought about what my Dad did teach me, what my inheritance from him was.

I can get up. I can stand up.   I can make mistakes, I can experience disappointment and be let down and stay open to life, keep looking for how to evolve spiritually, mentally and emotionally, to re-create myself and my life so that I can be of benefit to others.  I can feel terrible about the choices I have made that have brought pain to others and myself and still keep plugging, or sometimes, dragging along so that maybe I can help someone, somewhere, just a little bit.  I can not care, sometimes a little, sometimes not at all, what others think and joyfully embrace my life as it is, with me and all my flaws and faults as well as gifts.  I think I may bring light to the lives of others on occasion.  Sometimes I can laugh at myself.

But not as well as my Dad could laugh at himself.  I used to be able to before my eating disorder and addiction clouded my perspective so greatly that I abruptly left my husband, whom I loved dearly.  I know that ability will return, because I am Jerry Keen’s daughter.  It has to.

My Dad did not have an easy time in life with his head injury being bad enough to limit him yet not bad enough for him not to have the impulse to live his life as a fully-functioning adult, not bad enough for him not to know he was limited.  He rose to the occasion with the best he had to give.  He may not have been able to be as unselfish, responsible, respectful and considerate as someone without a head injury, but I know he never manipulated anyone maliciously.  Manipulate to get some beer money, absolutely.  With hurtful intentions, never.

Through all that my Dad faced, he imbued me with this strength.  With this joviality that is currently being reawakened as I heal my heart.  And I am thankful.

That strength has yielded some pretty magnificent things in my life as of late.  A few of those things are:

  • Adding a Sunday 1-3 pm Freedom From Addiction class  at my yoga studio in Tempe.
  • Adding a Sunday 4:30-6:30 pm Y12SR (Yoga and the 12 Steps of Recovery) class at 19th Avenue and the 101.


~Both of these classes start on June 29th and are by donation only~

I think my Dad would be proud.  Go on over to http://www.feedyoursoulyogatherapy.com/schedule/ to register and see what other classes just may tickle your fancy.

In service,



Are you in need of a gentle, therapeutic yoga class?

Then here is the answer!  This class is now open to the public!

On Tuesdays, you will experience a more active practice designed to help you strengthen and  actively stretch as well as improve your balance.  Thursday’s class is a restorative class, in which you are supported in various poses by yoga props so that the stretching can happen with ease and your central nervous system can be renewed from the impact of living a busy life and/or dealing with chronic pain/illness.

See you soon on the  yoga mat!

Saturday night is the night~

I have been absent, I know.  I love blogging, sharing my thoughts via writing is something I have always enjoyed.

But when I look at the volumes of information flying at us all the time and observe people experiencing extreme amounts of stress trying to process it all, I just can’t, with a clear conscience, contribute to that in the lives of others.  My blog is going to be mainly used for communicating my events and classes.   I would much rather my friends, loved ones and students be reading, creating art, playing an instrument,  sharing time with those they care for, hiking, doing a pranayama/mudra/asana practice, meditating.  What I have to say can’t change their lives for the better like those activities can.

There are too many blogs in existence to count.  Everyone has a newsletter to sign up for.  I can obtain hundreds of free ebooks and watch endless videos on what someone has to offer with their business.  Advice crashing into me over here, advice crashing into me over there.  How many perspectives and opinions can I read and assimilate?  What do I do when I get ten blog updates and two e-newsletters a day to read, and there are suggestions in each one on how to improve and  live my life?  When the suggestions conflict with one another?

If I am reading all of the information that comes to me on the internet in a given day, I don’t have time to live my life.

Don’t get me wrong, the bloggers, video, newsletter and ebook creators have lovely offerings that help people in their lives tremendously.  I may do some of those same things some day.

But for now what feels right in my heart for the health and well-being of society is to lay low.  Let people get quiet, be with themselves so they realize that the truth lies in that still space within.

Find greater access to that still space within this Saturday night with Haley, her gong and I.




Register at:  http://www.feedyoursoulyogatherapy.com/events-workshops/.  Space limited to 15.